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Financial Information

Water and Wastewater utility managers face ever-increasing challenges in adequately sustaining the aging supply and distribution infrastructure. As resources become scarce, careful, enlightened decision making is required to maintain current water quality levels as the pipe systems deteriorate at an overwhelming rate. It is of great value to the members of the water and wastewater utility industry to know how they compare with similar members based on location, size, and public/private configuration in the evaluation of key financial metrics. These metrics include financial ratios, rate structure and the inherent revenues, rate trends, and return on investment and cost/benefit ratios of system assessment and renewal initiatives.

Financial Information Sources:

While not all financial information for water and wastewater utilities is readily available, a vast amount of them post their yearly financial reports on the web. Also, thousands of bid tabs and the related documentation are available on the web involving condition assessment and renewal engineering. The collection and analysis of these and similar data sources coupled with the engagement of utilities to capture the “triple bottom line” costs of projects regarding condition assessment and renewal engineering will create invaluable intellectual knowledge for the industry and embolden the asset managers in making crucial financial decisions.

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