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Condition Assessment

Condition assessment is the collection of data and information through direct and/or indirect methods, followed by analysis of the data and information to make a determination of the current and/or future structural and hydraulic condition of the pipeline. Due to the deteriorating and aging collection system infrastructure nationwide, it is critical that water and wastewater utility managers and others have access to current and relevant information on condition assessment technologies and practices so that resources such as time and money can be utilized most effectively.

Pipeline Condition Assessment Technologies:

Utilities must use their limited funding in an optimal way to repair, rehabilitate, and replace pipes. When data associated with the condition of pipe is insufficient or unavailable, then utility managers cannot make sound asset management decisions, leading to an increased risk of failure, increased operations and maintenance costs, and higher life cycle costs for the pipe infrastructure. Obtaining such data is more challenging than for other infrastructure assets because pipes are mostly buried and generally inaccessible. Variations in pipe properties and external conditions in a collection (wastewater) or distribution (drinking water) system further complicate the development of a comprehensive asset management system.

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